* The field is OPEN! (and the gym is closed)
* Your AMA must be current and you must register with the FAA before joining SMRCHA.
* Dues must be paid by cash or check to Bruce Wood.


We’re a group of R/C helicopter pilots in Southern Maine. We have a dedicated flying field in Gorham, Maine. Our members range in age from early teens to seniors. We all have a passion for the hobby and love to see new faces. Spectators are always welcome. Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons are the best chances to see some action!

We fly everything from helis and quads that fit into the palm of your hand, to 800-sized helicopters with 5½ foot rotors that travel over 80MPH!

If you’d like to learn about the club, we encourage you to stop by Ray and Robin’s Hobby Center in West Falmouth, Maine. Ask for Burt.