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After crash report

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    Ken Richard

    What goes up must come down.

    You know that the FAA has a perfect record of every type of aircraft that they control they have never ever left on up there.


    The thing is we learn from somebody’s misfortunes weather it is a daa moment or a mechanical ¬†(i have had both) then i thing we should report it here so we can all learn from what happened, face it this hobby is not cheap and one can get discouraged but if learning some of the thing that happened and preventing it then is it possible to cut down on crashes I would like to think so

    I will go first

    trex 600n  while dealing with a performance problem (attention to problem solving) I landed the hell in a completely different way then my norm and closer to me then the norm all i had to do is place it on TH and it would have been down safely but because it position was different to me i moved the control too quickly and tagged the tail and it went on its side, ok 100 bucks damage but it was avoidable lesson learned LAND IN THE ORDINATION THAT I AM COMFORTABLE WITH

    this is something that i did weekly when I was flying Real airplanes, i would study crash reports and NTSB reports and always look forward to not being on that list


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