2017 Annual Club Meeting - Saturday, April 15, 9:30am at R&R Hobbies

When We Fly

Summer Flying

Trainer Night

Every Wednesday night, beginning late in the spring, we have what we like to call “Trainer Night.” This is a gathering of many of the local RC helicopter pilots. It is a great place to learn (and show off if you so desire!). These nights are open to non-members and members of any skill level. We encourage you to come introduce yourself and ask any questions you’d like. If you already have an RC Helicopter, be sure to bring it, along with the manual, your transmitter, your batteries, and your charger.

Open Sessions

Many of us gather on Sunday afternoons at the field, around 12:30pm. This is generally a good time to watch some of the more experienced pilots honing their skills, and having some fun.

Winter Flying

During the winter, we enjoy indoor flying at the Village Elementary School gym in Gorham, ME every Wednesday at 7pm. This is located at 12 Robie Street, Gorham, ME 04038. It’s located pretty close to the Hannaford in the center of Gorham. The gymnasium is at the back of the school. Please drive SLOWLY as there may be children/parents leaving the gymnasium when you arrive.

In order to fly you must be an AMA member and a SMRCHA club member.

Members, the largest heli you will be allowed to fly is a 130X (though we will permit in-placeĀ hovering of anything up to a 450). Club members may bring small planes, however helis will get priority, and you must always bring at least one heli. Aircraft only; no cars.

There are a few power outlets around the gym for chargers. You may want to bring a power strip / surge protector if you have one.

The cost this year is $5.00 for each night of flying (at least 2 hours every Wednesday).